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TyLynn Nguyen Finds Her Uniform
TyLynn Nguyen isn’t putting on any airs. Her presence commands your attention, and it’s not just what she’s wearing. The creative director and entrepreneur found her uniform by focusing on beautiful, simple things that let her inner confidence shine through. This mother of three is paring things down to just the essentials so she can move through her day with comfort and ease.
Rip & Tan: Describe the outfit that makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself:
TyLynn Nguyen: The outfit that makes me feel like my most authentic self is a simple form-fitted cotton or cashmere top and a pair of high waisted denim jeans. Because I am balancing growing a business and raising a family, I find it very important to look chic as well as casual.
Rip & Tan: How has your career influenced the way you dress?
TyLynn Nguyen: My career has influenced the way I dress by making me more aware of the women I have an audience with. I feel like I am representing the woman I wish to speak to, because I believe dressing beautifully is a form of self-love.
Rip & Tan: Consider your favorite item of clothing. What is it that draws you to it? Is it the texture, color, silhouette, its history?
TyLynn Nguyen: My favorite item of clothing is a slip dress. I’m drawn to the simple way it adds glamour and simplicity to my day to day wardrobe.
Rip & Tan: Are there any women in your life that have given you wisdom on style or dressing? Who are they, and what have you learned from them?
TyLynn Nguyen: My mother definitely gave me wisdom on dressing. One thing she did very well was get dressed! She knew her body type and how to express her point of view through her looks. I learned the importance of dressing for yourself and how that can change your whole attitude.
Rip & Tan: What (or who) do you most often dress for?
TyLynn Nguyen: I dress for myself. When I feel good and look my best I handle my days with ease.
Rip & Tan: Describe the evolution of your taste over the years. How do you imagine your style changing in the future?
TyLynn Nguyen: My taste has gotten much simpler over the years. Less speaks more for me. Quality over quantity.
"My mission with my work is to help women understand how loving yourself first overflows into loving others. "
Rip & Tan: What are some rules of style you think every woman should follow?
TyLynn Nguyen: Wear what you feel best in; know your body; a classic top and denim always works.
Rip & Tan: Is there a difference between style and fashion? What do these words mean to you?
TyLynn Nguyen: Style is how you put fashion together from your point of view. Style means your eye and fashion is what’s available.
Rip & Tan: What are your guiding principles when adding something new to your wardrobe?
TyLynn Nguyen: Do I love it?

Do I need it?

Will I wear it?

If it checks all of these boxes, I buy it.
Rip & Tan: How important is it to you to support women, and how do you do this both in your job and in your personal life?
TyLynn Nguyen: Supporting women is very important to me. My mission with my work is to help women understand how loving yourself first overflows into loving others. I do this in my work by expressing the importance of wearing lingerie first and foremost for yourself. I do it in my personal life by praying and encouraging my many incredible friends and followers on social media. I share my stories and make connections women can relate to.
Rip & Tan: What is your personal mantra?
TyLynn Nguyen: Give myself grace. Forgive (myself) quickly. And be better than I was yesterday.
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Fill in the Blanks:
Every woman needs…lingerie for herself.

When you can’t find anything to wear…throw on a slip dress.

Confidence can…open doors.

A worthy investment piece is…a pair of classic flats.