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Holiday Crafting 101: Simple Ornaments

Holiday Crafting 101: Simple Ornaments

When it comes to holiday décor, we tend to prefer the elegantly simple to the gilded and gaudy, and this week we’re sharing a few ways you can get your home holiday ready in our signature style. Crafting is a great way to get people together, and these ornaments are perfect to do in a group—even kids can help! Source clear plastic or glass fillable ornaments from your local craft store and gather a few greens and florals from the flower mart or your backyard. Get to assembling and let your creativity shine.

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Clear plastic fillable ornaments

Brown twine


Greens and dried florals (we used brunia, eucalyptus, ironwood, and dried strawflower)



Step 1: Cut greens and florals into small pieces that will fit within the ornaments.

Step 2: Open the ornaments one at a time and add the greens and flowers, getting creative with your combinations. We did one with a single varietal (one dried flower) and others with greens and florals and some with just greens and small pinecones. The best way to do this is to grab one piece at a time and hold it between your fingers at the base. Add one at a time and look at the bundle from a distance to see how it looks together. The best combinations are simple: one piece of seeded eucalyptus and one dried strawflower, one pinecone and one piece of seeded eucalyptus, three smaller pieces of eucalyptus and a few small pieces of brunia. Play around with combinations to find what you like!

Step 3: Cut a piece of twine and tie it through the top of the ornament with a knot to add to your tree. 

Step 4: Hang the ornaments from your tree!
Photos by Nicki Sebastian