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Floral Arrangements with Lily Lodge: Calla Lilies In A Box

I was introduced to Lily Lodge founder and floral designer Ariana Lambert Smeraldo by my friend Molly Isaksen, after long being a fan of her work. For years, my friends had been sending me boxes of beautiful peonies from Lily Lodge – no unnecessary fillers or extra elements, just simple beautiful blooms that I could then arrange myself. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to spend some time with Ariana and learn how to create these simple yet stunning arrangements, perfect for gifting. See below for her easy-to-follow instructions, and be sure to stay tuned tomorrow as she welcomes us into her amazing West Hollywood studio and storefront. XXJKE

To begin, Ariana shared her inspiration for creating this type of pared down (but no less impactful) arrangement. After years of receiving arrangements that she would be inclined to take apart, housed in vases that would inevitably be thrown away, she knew she couldn’t be the only one. Thus, assembling only the pure elements, perfectly packaged in her wood grain-embossed oversized green boxes, became a Lily Lodge signature. The steps for creating such an arrangement (for ours we worked with big, beautiful calla lilies): quite simple. Start by lining your box with tissue (leaving extra on both sides), then create a small pillow for the blooms to rest nicely atop. Next, trim your blooms, so that they fit perfectly within the box. To finish, simply wrap the layers of tissue over the blooms and close up the box, ready for delivery.


Photos: Brittany Wood