Blogger Camille Styles on Dressing for Your Mood

The Jenni Kayne Home Airstream’s arrival in Austin gave us the perfect excuse to visit Camille Styles in her beautiful home. When we asked the event-planner-turned-blogger and mom of two how she puts together an outfit during our visit, she talked about the impact of dressing for your state of mind. Here’s what she had to say:

“My outfits are really driven by my mood on a given day. If I’m feeling like I need to plow through a to-do list, I’ll go sportier with sneakers and a ponytail that makes me feel super-efficient. If I’m preparing for an important business meeting, I’ll wear a structured jacket and throw on heels and my nicest jewelry, and suddenly I’m ready to get to work. It’s amazing how the right outfit can give you confidence and get you in the right mental state.”  

It follows then that when we captured Camille in her airy, Mediterranean-inspired space, she slipped on shades of white and tan and kept everything super simple and comfortable. In our cashmere Fisherman knit, her own easy cotton pants, and our oiled leather mule slides, Camille was the picture of laid-back cool. I love this modern look—and Camille’s sentiments on personal style. XXJKE  

Photos: Kristen Kilpatrick