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A Winter Wreath Tutorial with Yasmine Mei

This is such a fun time of year to do craft projects with friends and family, either at the kitchen table or, if you live in a warm climate like Southern California, outdoors on a sunny afternoon. Holiday wreaths are an easy endeavor with beautiful results. I love that wreaths can take on so many different forms depending on what materials you use. Floral designer Yasmine Mei helped me and my daughter Ripley make ours this year using a unique combination of soft, dried materials including strawflowers, lunaria, banksia leaves, and miscanthus. We started with simple grapevine wreaths, which you can pick up from a craft store or the flower market this time of year. We then wrapped the flowers and grasses to the wreath using a thin brown twine, dabbing loose sections with clear floral adhesive where necessary. It’s easiest if you start at one side and work your way around slowly, building up the materials as you go. And while you can certainly cover the whole wreath in flowers, I also like the effect of only doing one section. The grapevine is so beautiful and natural anyway, it’s nice to show the texture of it off a bit. XXJKE 

Photos: Nicki Sebastian