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A Rustic Garden Rose Arrangement by Yasmine Mei

Floral designer Yasmine Mei’s arrangements are whimsical and romantic, but she doesn’t shy away from using strong elements that really give her creations weight and depth. I especially love her holiday bouquets for this reason and thought she would be the perfect person to kick off the season on Rip & Tan this year.  

For this particular bouquet Yasmine brought just five elements, which we arranged in a speckled ceramic vase by Victoria Morris: mini persimmons, dates, snow berries, viburnum, and white garden roses. Assembling it was easy; we started with the heartier elements to create structure, then incorporated the roses one by one. If the rose buds are closed, Yasmine advised to gently use your fingers to peel back the petals or blow into the buds to loosen without bruising them.

Easy to put together and yet still so striking, this is an arrangement I know I’ll be keeping in my rotation as the days and nights get busier with dinners, parties, and family activities. XXJKE

Photos: Nicki Sebastian