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A Guide to Crystal Healing with HariShabd Khalsa

Crystals are something I’ve been curious about for some time. I love being in nature and discovering new plants, flowers and elements. Of course, crystals are of the earth, too. I discovered HariShabd Khalsa from my close friend Shiva Rose, who is expert when it comes to harnessing the power of these beautiful, magical rocks. HariShabd is also a Kundalini yoga teacher, and helps introduce people to the world of crystals. I learned so much about their mystical energy from our interview, below. I hope you also find it enlightening. XXJKE   

Rip&Tan: What was your first introduction or experience with crystals?

HariShabd Khalsa: All of us have been exposed to a variety of crystals sometimes without recognizing it, for example crystals are used as conductors of electricity in electronics. Many people are unaware that a crystal matrix and its network exists below the ground of our planet. Now through science we can see repeated crystalline patterns mirrored in human DNA. For me, personally, it was though a very active practice of Kundalini yoga and mediation as taught by Yogi Bhajan and transmitted through an extraordinary teacher Harijiwan that I begin to perceive and experience my own energy field become more activated by crystals and started to intuitively align myself with crystals. 

Rip&Tan: What inspired you to begin working with crystals?

HK: Towards the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 as a planet we experienced the closing of a 2500 year epoch. Unique to this moment in time was a significant planetary alignment that in many ways created a strong amplification of crystal energy, which sparked my own intuitive clarity.   

Quite suddenly, I felt the crystals so strongly that I experienced an almost involuntary pull to seek out those crystals that are configured in a specific manner that will allow people to connect, sense and even have their own energy fields amplified and supported with the crystals. Many people I work with use them in their homes, on their person, alongside their altar or personal space and in professional medical and business environments. As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga I noticed that when we practice together as a group, with a directed process of movements and meditations, it is much easier to elevate and transcend blocked areas of energy in the body, mind and spirit. Once we separate as a group at the end of a class or training, the elevated and amplified energy naturally dissipates over time. I thought as a service I would curate a special collection of crystals that the students and fellow teachers could use to help them hold the energy longer and increase the range of energy that they can sustain within their nervous systems and personal projections. It was that intention of service that became the springboard into the vast mineral kingdom.

Rip&Tan: How do you work with crystals for healing purposes? 

HK: I believe that crystals seek to be held in very high vibrational energy fields and more and more are seeking environments where they can share their gifts and support the evolution of humanity’s consciousness. Crystals elevate. Each crystal has an orientation to a chakra and to every aspect of the human body, physical structure, organs, bloodstream, circulatory system, glandular system, pituitary, etc. Once you are intuitively drawn to a crystal you can begin to look deeper into its effect on the physical system as well as other types of contributions it can offer. Some crystals are used for tumors, other for mental disturbances, others for radiation, etc. However, if you know nothing about this and find yourself attracted and connecting to the beauty of a crystal, that alone contributes to healing and well-being.

Rip&Tan: There are so many different crystals out there. How did you learn about the powers each one holds and how to use it?  

HK: Remember, it is important to consider that perhaps there is more to one’s human sensory system than pure linear learning and knowledge gathering. Consider that crystals may have a wisdom and vibrational field that can transmit directly and our intuition serves as a receiver so that without spoken or written words you are drawn, vexed even by a crystal that had possibly millions of years trajectory to reach you personally, just at this moment in time. Consider when it comes to crystals to allow a connection based on energy that you naturally intuitively experience and the love you feel from its beauty or inspiration to guide you as a keeper for a crystal. Later, on a cozy morning, you can read up on the specimen and gather specific knowledge about your crystal. You will find there are many levels of access to crystal consciousness. 

Rip&Tan: What are a few of your most used or favorite crystals, and what do they do specifically?  

HK: Crystals are like children: how can you choose a favorite? They are very organic and changing all the time and you’re changing all the time as well. I have a steady relationship with moonstone, moldevite and Herkimer diamond. But today I am enjoying some quartz from the Himalayas, specifically a region between Tibet and India. Moonstone is beautiful, complete with fiery purity it amplifies femininity and creativity. Moldevite is a very auspicious stone—extremely powerful. A gentleman provided me with a specimen that had been in a private collection for 25 years and was found in a forest in the Czech Republic. It is one of the largest moldevite specimens found and is roughly the length of the palm of my hand. Herkimer is like a bright light in a white room: very effective at amplifying energy.  

Rip&Tan: What would be your advice to someone who is interested in learning about crystal healing? How can they go about it?  

HK: Schedule a private appointment with me for an orientation. I’m happy to help provide a base understanding. Visiting Crystalotus, the space where I keep the crystals for viewing and collection, provides a very healing environment and allows for a person to enjoy a level of Darshan “blessing” from sitting with the crystals. I would also encourage people interested in working with refined energy fields to attend Harijiwan’s Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Weekends in Santa Monica, CA. It’s a great environment to experience breath and meditation. He uses beautiful crystals on stage, and I curate his collection. Participants can enjoy a display of crystals, community and learning something new or remembering something ancient.

Rip&Tan: How can someone incorporate crystals in their daily life?  

HK: Begin selecting crystals for use in your personal home and workplace. You can start big or small and each crystal will begin to broadcast and attract the next crystal to you. I also recommend giving crystals as gifts. No two crystals are ever the same, and they say some of the most important crystals you will ever receive will come as gifts. It’s a lovely thought. The act of giving, especially something so divine, is best way to receive an energetic download from crystal consciousness.

Rip&Tan: What are some other wellness practices you follow that complement crystal healing?  

HK: There is a group called White Sun that produces a sound current extremely complementary to crystals. I play their albums on repeat and the crystals just begin to glow from inside. It’s a sound that is designed to be very healing for the human heart and very clearing for the mind. I also follow a daily routine of practicing a Kriya, (set of Kundalini yoga postures,) pranayama (a breath routine) and a meditation (which can be as short as three minutes). A vegetarian diet along with no eggs is also a good practice to clean the system and keep the energy very high-frequency. 

Rip&Tan:  You¹re also a yoga instructor. How do crystals change a yoga practice?  

HK: I am a teacher of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan under the training and development of Harijiwan, who is based in Santa Monica, CA. Your outside environment can mirror you inner world at times. Keeping crystals near where you practice—even something like a small quartz point on your yoga mat—can bring a level of reverence to the moment. Yogic speak says you can’t have Bhakti without the Shakti which, interpreted, means with devotion and reverence you can experience the full joy of life and all the awe its constant motion provides. They definitely amplify the energy in a room and they contribute and serve your progress and well-being metaphysically and through their inherent beauty.

Rip&Tan: Are there any tips or things to keep in mind when shopping for crystals?   

HK: Start your crystal exploration with intentions that are important and meaningful to you. Crystals are extremely magnetic so your thought and heart can guide you. Often people get confused about crystals and find it hard to make a decision about which to buy. Don’t limit yourself when selecting your crystal, put together a collection right in front of you of the top three or four, then look at them together away from the group of crystals and that will help you narrow down your decision as the pull from the one you must have will be easier to tune into. Lastly, when it comes to building a personal collection notice the energy and the environment of where crystals are being kept. Everything is affecting them in their environment, so you are looking for purity of the energy field as well as the crystal itself. 


Photos: Brittany Wood