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Flowers to Heal Your Body and Mind

We’ve always said that a beautiful floral arrangement is the anchor of any table, and the stakes can feel even higher during the summer when entertaining (and last-minute get togethers) are the theme of the season. This summer, we’re looking to flowers to do more: visually, and for the mind and body. Moon Canyon‘s Kristen Caissie is leading the charge, experimenting with creating healing floral designs with plants and flowers that are known to carry healing properties. Look no further for your next show-stopping centerpiece that will also bring the calm energy that summer is all about.

Soft colored grasses and yarrow add a sense of serenity to the piece. In its natural environment, yarrow is known for repelling pest insects while attracting good ones, like ladybugs and bees for pollination. Natural grasses add softness and ease to your arrangement, and are especially beautiful when used at varying heights.

White sage, used for hundreds of years starting with Native Americans, is known for its ability to expel negative energy held in people, places, and even objects. Once your arrangement is past its prime, remove the sage and create a smudge bundle by tying the leaves together tightly with a string and lighting the bundle, then blowing it out. The smoke from the bundle will refresh the energy in your space.

Elderflower, known for its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties, is also used to add texture to the arrangement. The most common way to use elderflower medicinally is through tea or syrup form, but the flowers themselves will help reduce nasal inflammation.


Vases and vessels in soft hues add to the serenity of these healing arrangements, so try a simple bud vase or one of our light leather-wrapped vases for maximum calm, or these ceramic options from D Ceramics. For more localized use, try separating out your components into small bud vases and placing them around your home based on your needs.

Other healing plants to try your hand at arranging include lavender for managing stress and promoting calm, jasmine for aid to the digestive system and for quelling anxiety, calendula for its antiviral and antibacterial properties, and rose for vitamin c, increasing circulation, and fighting depression and anxiety.

Photos by Nicki Sebastian