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Best of the Blog: Our Favorite Kitchens

Best of the Blog: Our Favorite Kitchens

Why is it that, whenever you’re hosting a dinner party, people always seem to gravitate towards the kitchen? There’s something about gathering in the midst of the action that feels so communal and festive, doubly so if it’s a design marvel and styled as expertly as the rest of the home. For the modest cook and professional gourmand alike, these are the kitchens we’ve saved to inspire us to get those renovation projects under way (someday).

If you’re eager for a new neutral…

Leave it to interior designer Tina Rich to create a kitchen that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Exposed brick works in tandem with the open-shelving and modern granite to deliver a textured take on a simple layout, while the light fixtures and furniture ground the room in a natural and slightly feminine aesthetic. Don’t mind us, we’re just going to copy everything.

If cozy charm is your cup of tea…

It’s hard not to feel at home the instant you enter Joyce Downing Pickens’ cottage-like abode—and her kitchen is no exception. The dining nook’s inviting table sits within the calming interior of her space, but it’s the classic fireplace situated within the kitchen that we can’t get enough of. Adding an instant boost of warmth and comfort, it’s a design detail to enjoy throughout any season.
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If you’re entertaining from room to room…

Playing host to guests inside and out calls for a kitchen that’s situated squarely in the middle of your space. Light, bright, and entirely open-air, Shelley Gibbs Sanders’ kitchen is akin to a stage of entertaining. With large windows peering into the yard and vast countertops perfect for plating while catching up with friends, the fluidity from one wall to the next is a must for lively gatherings.

If you’re a loyal minimalist…

Expect nothing less than perfection from veteran model Karolina Kurkova. This kitchen is high-drama and low-maintenance, with stark matte black accents and clean, modern lines. We especially love the tonal contrast of white lacquer with gold-plated plumbing and natural wood stools.

If you love to be in view of the garden…

Interior designer Katie Hackworth gives picture windows a new meaning: glass shelves in front of French windows creates the illusion of invisible suspension. Copper accents with marble and natural tones of wood make for a beautiful interior to complement the gorgeous view of the garden outside.

If your door is always open for more guests at the table...

Photographer and matriarch Victoria Pearson has a wonderfully charming eat-in kitchen that practically screams “Sunday brunch with the kids.” Bench seating and extra stools for guests make this one of our most inviting kitchens ever, where there’s always more for seconds.

If you’re a sucker for an open floor plan…

Meredith Baird mixes tonal accents like full-grain wood and marble countertops to give the illusion of a separate space between kitchen, living, and dining room. While the layout flows seamlessly, there’s no overlap in energy from room to room, which means this natural beauty guru totally nailed the whole vibe.
Photos by Anna Peters,Heather Moore,Melissa Gidney Daly,Nicki Sebastian,Victoria Pearson