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Spotlight on Matcha, the Multitasking Beauty Tea

Spotlight on Matcha, the Multitasking Beauty Tea

As a non–coffee drinker, matcha is a big part of my daily routine. To be honest, I’m fairly obsessed with this specially grown and processed form of green tea. I’ve long been aware of its many rumored health benefits—fighting cancer and burning fat among them. But because there is always something new to learn, I turned to the knowledgeable founders of natural beauty destination CAP Beauty, Kerilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, to glean more about the tea’s many powers. 

Like me, Kerilynn and Cindy love the flavor of matcha. It’s also their go-to ingredient for its many external and internal properties. When used on the skin, matcha is very detoxifying and provides high quantities of vitamin C and chlorophyll, which means lots of antioxidants. Its rich levels of chlorophyll are also a benefit when ingested, along with l-theanine, an amino acid that increases happiness and joy. Drinking or eating it also helps you focus, get an energy boost and a major dose of antioxidants.

The CAP women feel so strongly about matcha, they now source and import their own from Japan with the goal of adding more radiance-promoting foods to their line. They shared a delicious hot matcha tea recipe that features their USDA Organic Certified powder, below. My favorite holistic nutritionist, Elissa Goodman, also passed along instructions to make her fantastic matcha latte, which kills cravings and powers the brain for the day. I’ve also included the recipe for Sweet Laurel’s incredible matcha sandwich cookies. Be careful, they’re addictive. XXJKE 

Spotlight on Matcha, the Multitasking Beauty Tea 0