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Top Off Easter with DIY Foraged Floral Crowns

Easter comes at an incredibly inspiring time of year, when a multitude of blooms are exploding with color. As this happens, I love going outside to forage for wildflowers, herbs and other natural materials. I often use them to make smudge bundles, but at this moment the best use for this natural bounty is in fresh floral crowns. 

For our Easter picnic—which was inspired by the color I most associate with this lively holiday—we crafted beautiful yellow, green and white headpieces in just a few simple steps. To start, we collected garden roses, olive branches, rose leaves, daisies and Blue Palo Verde. Floral wire, ribbon and herb snips are also necessary materials. 

First, you’ll form a base of greens (the branches and leaves) that can reach around the head, and wrap it with floral wire. From there it’s really a matter of personal preference. Add in different flowers throughout the crown, securing them with floral wire where necessary. At each end of the crown, tie on a ribbon long enough to create a bow. Lastly, before you or your child wears the fragrant masterpiece, check that all the wire ends are snipped off, smoothed or folded inwards. Happy Easter! XXJKE


Photos: Sarah Elliott