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The Story Behind Susanne Kaufmann's Holistic Skincare Line

The Story Behind Susanne Kaufmann's Holistic Skincare Line

Not many skincare lines are as effective as they are beautifully packaged—and of those, even fewer are free of chemicals. Susanne Kaufmann developed a holistic skincare line that has received much praise for its nourishing, anti-aging effects. As for the packaging, Kaufmann’s architect brother and his colleague Johannes Norlander came up with the modern look, which showcases the pure, natural ingredients used in each container produced by Kaufmann’s modest 30-person team.

Kaufmann originally learned about skincare through her grandmother, who taught her how to use plants for medicinal purposes. “There is no idea, in medicine or in the beauty industry, which doesn’t originate in the plants” Kaufmann told us. “My grandmother taught me that you could solve many problems through natural means.” Years later, after Susanne took over the family business—the Hotel Post Bezau in an Alpine region of Austria called Bregenzerwald—she saw the need to develop a skincare line for the hotel’s spa. In 2003, the line was born and has been slowly and steadily developing a cult following ever since.

If you’re new to the line, Kaufmann recommends starting with her eye cream. “People’s first impression of you is through your eyes”, she told us, explaining that her Line-A eye cream uses broccoli seeds and elderberry extract to reduce swelling and dark circles. I also recommend starting with her botanical bath oils. They smell divine, nourish the skin, and look beautiful next to the bathtub. They also make a great hostess gift—who wouldn’t enjoy such a luxurious treat? XXJKE


Photos: Brittany Wood