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Home Organization Essentials That Don't Skimp on Style

Spring is the season of new beginnings—and, if we’re being honest, a season centered around cleaning. After winter months spent at home, we’re ready to give our spaces a refresh for the season ahead by calling in storage and organization essentials. Whether you’re looking to reorganize your pantry or need a touch of guidance in the closet cleanout department, our lineup of home organization necessities will ensure your space is decluttered and elevated in no time.

In the powder room...

Whether you’re a beauty junkie or a skincare minimalist, getting your bathroom in order is a non-starter this time of year. With an element of versatility that transcends any era of interior design, our Woven Storage Basket and Woven Waste Bin fuse style and storage seamlessly. Place towels, beauty products, and extra toilet paper in these elevated essentials, and don’t forget to adorn your vanity with our Stowe Eco Glass Canisters (designed perfectly for cotton rounds and the like) for everyday ease.
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Stowe Eco Glass Canister

In the linen closet...

While it’s easy to ignore the in-between spaces in your home, we’re here to make the case for giving every corner a storage upgrade—starting in the linen closet. Rather than stack towels and cleaning tools haphazardly across your shelves, try utilizing our Woven Stacking Bowl Set throughout to declutter and add a touch of streamlined style. With a variety of sizes that work with any sort of household product, these are every spring cleaner’s best friend.
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Stowe Eco Glass Canister

In the kitchen...

Regardless of your cooking capabilities, a clean and clutter-free kitchen is a must. Give your pantry and countertops an update with our Stowe Eco Glass Canisters and Seagrass Produce Bowls. Not only do these home organization essentials come in an array of multi-purpose sizes, but they also work double-duty by bringing your space a storage solution that looks great any time of day.
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Stowe Eco Glass Canister
Photos by Nicki Sebastian