Simplify Your Style with Minimalist Bags from PB 0110

Now is a great time to edit and streamline your wardrobe and add a few well-made pieces that’ll give you a fresh look for the New Year ahead. If you’ve set your sights on a new handbag, PB 0110 is one thoughtful label to consider. Established in 2012 by Germany-based designer Philipp Bree, PB 0110 bags are made with vegetable-tanned natural leather from Belgium, and pure linen and brass from Tuscany, by manufacturers who have been working with the premium materials for generations.

In terms of style, the bags are modern and minimalist so they never feel outdated, and they’re just the right size too—big enough to stow your essentials, but not too big to work for a nice dinner or night out. I love the brand’s winter collection, which comes in beautiful shades of black and dust-white that look great with denim as well as finer fabrics like silk and lace. And the shapes have just the right blend of structure and softness. XXJKE 

Photo: Lauren Ross