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Simple and Sparse: Retro Carnations by James’ Daughter

One of the many things I love about flowers is how versatile they are. You can go wild with mixing varieties, colors and textures, or you can keep it simple and arrange one type in a beautiful vase. And there are so many possibilities between those extremes. The always innovative founder of James’s Daughter, Lisa Przystup, can do it all. When she was in LA recently and put together a few blooming creations for us, she showed this unique range.

With this arrangement, the Brooklyn-based floral designer illustrates that simplicity can really stun. “Arrangements don’t all have to be bloom-heavy showstoppers,” says Lisa. “Sometimes less is more.” The retro feel of the vase inspired her to keep it sparse and minimalist. In that spirit, she chose retro carnations as the single flower she’d feature. As for the actual arranging, Lisa recommends first creating a base of greens before trimming the flowers individually. “Clip the carnations to differing lengths to create a slight swoosh shape that draws the eye across and upward,” says Lisa. Easy and elegant. XXJKE 

Photos: Brittany Wood