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Sarah Winward’s Simple Winter Floral Arrangement

After the romantic, rustic holiday floral season is over, it can be nice to reset with clean, simple arrangements and neutral tones. I love this display from Salt Lake City florist Sarah Winward because it feels light, fresh, and full of energy. Constructed with white freesia, golden ranunculus, and green and white fittonia leaves in a low, humble vase it would look beautiful in a bright kitchen or any room with lots of natural light. Learn a little bit about Sarah’s technique including a list of all of the materials used, below. XXJKE

Sarah Winward: I made this arrangement by using chicken wire, rolled up into a ball in the vase to hold the stems. This is my favorite way to arrange flowers. It gives them a structure to stay in, but also provides a bit of freedom for them to move and fall naturally. 

Not much is in its natural growing season in January, but there are still many great early spring flowers to be found on the market. I always get a bit creative with my flower sourcing in the winter so that I can have neat materials to work with. The paperwhites and freesia used in this arrangement were cut from plants that were forced indoors. Likewise, the leaves and vines were cut from indoor plants I purchased at a local nursery. 

I love a neutral color palette with a bit of interest. Here I used mostly whites and greens, but added a small accent of gold with the ranunculus and lady slippers. The paperwhites and freesia both have little bits of yellow in their centers, so it all tied together nicely.

Flowers included:

·      Freesia

·      Ranunculus

·      Paperwhites

·      Angel vine

·      Lady slipper orchids

·      Astrantia

·      Fittonia leaves

·      Eucalyptus

·      Euphorbia

Photos: Tess Comrie