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Ranch Style with Lauren Malloy of Women’s Heritage Skillshare

Yesterday, we gave you a peek inside Lauren Malloy’s beautiful ranch home in the Central Coast of California. While the Women’s Heritage cofounder and mother of two spends much of her afternoon with her sleeves rolled up, she still puts on her favorite pieces every day. Think: overalls, high-waist denim, heritage jackets, and cotton T-shirts. In other words, the same eternally stylish, built-to-last staples the city-dwelling women we interview also spend their days wearing. “I still like to wear clothes that I like!”, she told us. “I love multi-purpose wear that works for the ranch—doing chores, being around the animals, the kids, and cooking meals—as well as when I head into town.” 

Lauren’s edit of my Summer 2017 collection for this shoot exemplifies the two sides of her style. The red check flannel down jacket, which she wore with vintage Wranglers, represents her love and appreciation for more rugged, menswear-inspired pieces while the cashmere silk ribbed shirt, which she wore with oversized overalls from General Store, had a slightly softer, more feminine feel.

“The flannel jacket totally reminds me of my childhood in Vermont,” she commented during our shoot, “my dad used to wear a wool red-and-black checkered jacket all the time. Nothing is more classic to me than jeans and a quilted, cozy jacket.” As for the cashmere ribbed shirt, I love that it looks a bit like a humble thermal from a distance, but up close the luxurious quality of the fabric really comes out. Lauren referred to this shirt as “a staple” for her as it can work on the ranch, as well as dressed up for a dinner or a meeting just the same. XXJKE

Photos: Lauren Ross