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Update Your Space with Made Solid’s Leather Accents

Update Your Space with Made Solid’s Leather Accents

I love soft neutral tones in my home and wardrobe because they’re effortless and have a fresh, modern feel. The trick to making them look inviting instead of flat is to incorporate different textures so that each piece stands out a little bit. Natural leather is a great material to integrate into a room or your outfit for this purpose! It instantly adds warmth and richness to a pale palette.

For leather home accents, we recently started carrying a Los Angeles-based label called Made Solid that I just love. Started by husband and wife team Mia and Peter Maxwell the pieces are made by hand using high quality vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak in Missouri and have a minimal, vintage look.  We carry their leather wrapped vases—which look heavenly with a wild, spring bouquet in them—as well as their bandana-tied trays, which come in three sizes and can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re a great way to keep small objects organized, like jewelry, keys, and business cards, for example. You can also use them in more of a decorative capacity, filling them with stones or rocks or other found objects and keeping them on a shelf or side table. 

We included a Made Solid tray in our Spring 2017 gift box but you can also buy them individually too! When it comes time to update your home for spring, I think you’ll find that these little touches add so much to a space. XXJKE

Update Your Space with Made Solid’s Leather Accents 0

Photo: Katrina Dickson