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Pacific Natural At Home Digital Exclusive: Pamela Shamshiri

While it’s not October 12th quite yet, we’re celebrating the upcoming release of Pacific Natural At Home with another inspired home. Today’s exclusive tour is none other than Studio Shamshiri’s design principal, Pamela Shamshiri. Restoring a masterpiece to its original form takes both ingenuity and spirit. Pamela has plenty of both, and she put the two qualities to use when reimagining her Hollywood Hills home. Designed by the iconic modernist R.M. Schindler, the space is a duality of form and function—read on for Pamela’s musings.
Rip & Tan: How would you describe your home’s aesthetic in 3-5 words? 
Pamela Shamshiri: 1940s Schindler and early California modernism.
Rip & Tan: What do you consider to be the heart of your home?
Pamela Shamshiri: The kitchen! Kitchens to me are always the heart and soul of a home, they give way to so much; gathering people for a great meal cooked from the heart is something I miss the most and treasure the most.
Rip & Tan: No matter what the day has brought your way, how do you feel the moment you walk through your door? How do you want others to feel when they enter your space?
Pamela Shamshiri: To me a house is a home when you walk through the door and immediately feel like you are in a space that is safe to let go of the day, the chaos of electronics and information that we constantly have to process throughout the day. To me, it’s the greatest thing when a home makes you feel calm and collected, but also, sings and gives back to you in refuge and restoration.
Rip & Tan: What are some of your favorite pieces and places in your home and why?
Pamela Shamshiri: The kitchen might have been the heart of this home, but my favorite room was my bathroom, my sanctuary. It was an addition to the house, my tribute to Schindler, it was a respite, a place to restore, collect and give back to myself.
Rip & Tan: Which room do you live in the most?
Pamela Shamshiri: I think our favorite rooms were the living room—there was nothing better than lighting a fire and reading and gathering together as a family and with friends—and the kitchen and dining room. The heart that was the kitchen and somewhere to gather and enjoy the meal again as a family and with friends. I have the best memories of those rooms.
Rip & Tan: From the light-filled windows to the décor that fills each room, how do you make the most of the built-in beauty of your Schindler-designed home?
Pamela Shamshiri: Schindler was so intentional in his design of the house. Inspired by a recent visit to Anasazi cave dwellings, he designed the house in honor of the land around it, creating spaces—caves—in which you view nature in the house. Traveling through the house is an experience in-and-of-itself; when you move through the rooms, you are always traveling in a V and greeted with endless views of trees to one side of you.

"To me a house is a home when you walk through the door and immediately feel like you are in a space that is safe to let go of the day. To me, it’s the greatest thing when a home makes you feel calm and collected, but also sings and gives back to you in refuge and restoration."

Rip & Tan: How did you adapt to the architectural novelty of your space to make it work with your lifestyle?
Pamela Shamshiri: I knew I wanted to restore and preserve a historic home, but I also wanted a place that could evolve with my ever-evolving definition of home. I wanted to honor the incredible bones of the place in a genuine and livable way, I never wanted the house to feel so precious I had to stress about letting Roquefort (our dog!) on the couch or letting my two sons, Reza & Basel, play and just be boys in it.
Rip & Tan: What does living well mean to you? How do you bring this to life in your own home?
Pamela Shamshiri: Living well means having a place that gives as much to you as you give to it, that is ever-changing and evolving as your definition of home changes. That is a sanctuary, a place of safety, celebration, a place filled fully with your life and all that you love. A place that surrounds you, brings you joy and peace. I want this not only for my own home, but for everyone we design homes for and beyond. I think the key to bringing this to life is honoring the home and its bones, its location, its lives before and the life you want to have within it. It’s all part of the story you want to tell.
Photos by Angi Welsch,Nicki Sebastian