Outdoor Entertaining Essentials: Crow Canyon Home Tableware

My summer collection is inspired by camping and nature and as such, we’re carrying a host of new home items suitable for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Enamel tableware from Crow Canyon Home is one addition I’m thrilled to have on our shelves. I love using these rustic pieces because they have such a nostalgic look while also being incredibly practical. They’re oven and stovetop safe, easy to wash, and an eco-friendly alternative to disposable options. They’re also affordable, too! You can pick up six place settings for under $200. Read about Crow Canyon and shop the pieces below! XXJKE

Crow Canyon Home has been around since the ‘70s and has a great selection of colors and patterns. I love the simple black and white pieces because they lend themselves to so many different outdoor settings, whether it’s a camping trip, backyard graduation party, impromptu picnic, or weekend at the beach. I loved seeing them across a picnic table with linen napkins and wild florals. For our catalog shoot we used Heather Taylor Home’s gingham napkins, stainless steel cutlery from Canvas Home, and LSA International’s complementary serving pieces along eucalyptus foraged from the surrounding trees. It was such a simple idea and yet it felt really lush and romantic. I love the idea of spending the entire afternoon at that table with some homemade food, great music, and close friends. You don’t need much else in life! 

Photos: Katrina Dickson