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Natural Remedies: Himalayan Salt

Next in my Natural Remedies series, a mineral-rich salt as beautiful as it is beneficial: Himalayan salt. The product of crystallized sea salt beds that were covered with lava hundreds of millions of years ago, Himalayan salt was uniquely preserved in a pristine environment, protecting it from pollution and other elements.

Packed with dozens of elements and minerals working together in synergy (the reason for its beautiful pink hue), this hand-mined salt’s benefits are many, including its ability to balance electrolytes and pH levels, reduce acid reflux, relieve muscle cramps, boost metabolism, improve bone structure, decrease blood pressure, stimulate circulation and the absorption of nutrients, and dissolve and eliminate toxins.

And unlike commercial salt, which is often stripped of minerals other than sodium and chloride, bleached, and exposed to extremely high temperatures, Himalayan salt is pure and unprocessed. Similarly, it does not contain the caking agents that commercial salt often does. Designed to prevent salt from mixing with the water in salt containers, these agents also prevent it from dissolving in the human body, resulting in a dangerous build-up of salt in organs and tissues.

Just as Himalayan salt’s benefits are many, so are its uses. From cooking and curing to bathing and beauty, there are lots of ways to take advantage of its many plusses. Needless to say, there are just as many great products that allow you to do just that. Some picks for cooking: this pure Himalayan salt and this salt from St. Helena Olive Oil.

For around the home: this Himalayan salt lamp from Dr. Mercola, and this one from Amazon, which help purify indoor air while providing a soothing light. I also love the idea of simply displaying large salt rocks on a table or in a beautiful vessel.

And for beauty, I love these bath salts from Herbivore Botanicals, these ones from Being Apothecary, and these Pink Love Salts from Fig + Yarrow. Also great: this Himalayan Sea Salt Scrub from Hudson Naturals, this salt scrub from Coast & Clearing, this spa soap from Alaina B. Soaps, and this Himalayan Sea Salt Texturizing Spray from Earthwise Naturals. XXJKE