My Favorite Gifts for Valentine’s Day

As much as I love beautiful shades of pink and red in florals, artwork, or the occasional wardrobe buy, I love neutrals through and through. So, even on Valentine’s Day, I gravitate towards striking shades of black and white, and earthy shades of tan when it comes to gifts, décor, and what I wear.

Where I do stay on theme is with the items themselves. From silk lace-trimmed dresses to delicate layering jewelry and alluring V-neck knitwear, I love to gift and wear more romantic items on Valentine’s Day. It’s also the perfect opportunity to indulge in delicate layering jewelry, like Satomi Kawakita’s handmade stacking rings, chains, and studs or a more sculptural statement piece from Sophie Buhai. Hand-crafted home goods, made with natural, imperfect materials, make great accessories for the holiday as well. They’re humble and special, like the grown-up equivalent of a homemade Valentine. If someone is hosting you for dinner or a party, these unique pieces are the sweetest way to say thank you! XXJKE

Photo: Brittany Wood