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Moon Cycles with Danielle Beinstein: New Moon in Pisces

Our next new moon comes on February 26th in the form of a solar eclipse. Danielle Beinstein, the talented astrologer and meditation guide, has some interesting things to say about its importance! While most new moons offer us an opportunity to reflect and grow in a tangible, actionable way, this month’s lesson is really to embrace the unknown and allow ourselves feel grateful for what we have, living in the present moment. This is a good skill to practice and it couldn’t come at a better time in the year. March is really our last month to relish in the introspective, quiet mood of the winter season. Read more about Danielle’s perspective on this special new moon in Pisces, below. XXJKE

Pisces is the dreamer, the visionary artist and healer attuned to the ether. This is not energy that is easily contained. Rather, Pisces seems to float above the fray, drawing inspiration from its poetic sensibility, the beauty of this dimension—and others.

This new moon is an eclipse, which means it has three times the power of a regular new moon. It also happens to be the last in a series of Pisces-Virgo eclipses that have greeted us since March 20, 2015. Think back to September 1st. If you were affected then, you’ll likely be affected now. Eclipses tend to have a domino effect. The stone is thrown and the ripples unfurl.

Yet even if you haven’t experienced any personal shake-ups, you can still benefit from the energy. Pisces understands that control is an illusion, that life has a way of weaving itself into our psyche and altering our course regardless of our intentions or ambitions. The truth is, we are part of a much larger story. It takes a certain kind of strength and vulnerability to integrate this knowing into our daily lives; to surrender our will. But in doing so we embrace the beauty of what is, releasing our attachment to outcome. We find resonance with our deepest selves, beyond the roles we play and the labels we adhere to. We move into acceptance and peace.

This eclipse may feel surreal, almost otherworldly. Our dreams may be more vivid, relaying messages from our subconscious. We may have epiphanies or see glimpses into other realms. No matter what occurs, we’re invited to lean into the present moment and the preciousness of being alive.

Even more than with most other new moons, this eclipse asks that we allow for revelations and remain open to the unknown. We’re reminded that anything is possible, magic is all around, and that we don’t have to know where we’re headed to be enchanted along the way. In other words, sometimes our greatest task is simply to find the soft stillness within and flow where the river leads us.

Astrology: Danielle Beinstein

Artwork: Tara Hogan