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Making Fall Wreaths with Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon

I love updating my home for a new season; changing out the pillows and blankets, candles, and florals to fit the current mood and temperature. This fall I’m excited to incorporate the cozy alpaca pillows and blankets from my home collection into my living room and other spaces. I’ll also add Moon Canyon’s beautifully simple fall wreaths to the exterior doors and above our fireplace 

If you’ve been a longtime reader of Rip & Tan, you know Moon Canyon’s Kristen Caissie is an expert wreath-builder. “Making wreaths has always been one of my favorite ways to compose with florals and foliage,” she told us during this tutorial. “They are so different than a floral arrangement. I like that they are these little snapshots into a season or an environment. They hold time and space.” 

Kristen started her fall wreaths this season using Victorian birch, which is strong but flexible. “You want something that can hold the weight of the piece and still allow for movement,” she added. From there Kristen weaved in pampas grass, spiral eucalyptus, foxtail millet, and fern. You can mix and match foliage that you happen to discover at the market or in the wild, advised Kristen, as long as it’s a material that you know will dry well. To finish the wreaths Kristen added silk ribbon and willows for a bit of softness and femininity. I just love the way they turned out! XXJKE

Photos: Nicki Sebastian