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Nesting 101: Our Complete Guide to Living Well at Home

If you’ve been feeling the urge to cook, redecorate, or deep clean your space in every which way, you’re certainly not alone. It’s called nesting, and it’s a phenomenon sometimes associated with those expecting. You’ve probably seen it in action: with a baby on the way, soon-to-be moms will overhaul their surrounding in an effort to create a space that’s physically and emotionally safe. Mothers or not, we can certainly relate: by taking matters into your own hands (like giving your living room an all-around refresh), we’re all able to feel a bit more at ease during times of uncertainty. Eager to employ our philosophy of living well on the daily, we’re using this time of nesting to cultivate inspired ways of living—here’s how we’re finding inspiration in our everyday.

Start With Yourself

When it comes to nesting, there’s no better place to begin than with your very own wardrobe essentials. Spending time at home calls for cozy classics that help you feel your best. Gearing up for some quiet meditation time or a couch-based workday? We’re loving the perfectly oversized Cashmere Cocoon Cardigan and our Cashmere Lounge Jogger to feel put together (but not too put together).

In for an extra-busy workday or in the mood to organize and overhaul? We love our Cashmere Hoodie and Shearling-Lined Moc Clogs for the get-it-done mindset: just add jeans for your new spring uniform.

Rearrange & Refresh

It’s hard to deny the power of a good old fashioned room-to-room refresh when you’re looking to create peace at home. We love starting with smaller updates: a revamped (or simply freshly vacuumed) rug, a newly styled coffee table, clean sheets, and the instantly uplifting addition of a candle or two. Give your couch, benches, or chairs an update with a selection of luxe pillows, a textured sheepskin, and the softest blanket there is: our Alpaca Basketweave Throw. Some of our favorite ways to refresh a room require hardly anything new at all. Move around your furniture, bring out forgotten treasures and portraits, or give your walls a fresh layer of paint. More times than not, making a shift in your surroundings brings about a shift in perspective.

Incite Inspiration

When in doubt, reach for a good book for an instant mood boost—or even easier, a good playlist. From nonfiction favorites to powerful memoirs, these are the books we found nearly impossible to put down and are sure to keep your nesting mindset in place. There’s nothing like a perfect mix of upbeat music to lift the spirits: here’s our best of the best playlist we’ve kept on repeat. Cue it up for your afternoon walk, let it fill your living room as you cook, or pour yourself a glass of wine and make the most of the melody.

Organize With Intention

From kitchen cabinets to unkempt drawers, we’ve been finding new ways to clean and organize nearly every corner inside our homes. Our favorite form of organization? The always-satisfying closet clean-out. Take out every item and separate your clothing into four piles: donate, toss, mend, and keep. Once you’ve got your items in their optimal place, upgrade your laundry room essentials with our Lavender Musk Detergent—from bed sheets to everyday t-shirts, it’s the easiest way to make the mundane feel special. Much like the closet clean-out, we’ve turned our attention to our fridge for a round of reorganization. The rules are simple: place everything on your counter, toss what’s expired (be sure to recycle!), restock what’s missing, and organize to your liking. After everything’s in order, bring in our Eco Bowl Covers for smart and stylized storage.

Crave & Create

When in need of indoor inspiration, we turn to the pages of Pacific Natural for mouth-watering recipes that keep us happy and healthy. Creating menus filled with seasonal cocktails, hearty dishes, and springtime flavors is a surefire way to make every night in feel special. It wouldn’t be a proper nesting without trying our hand at a sourdough loaf—get your starter in check and choose a recipe of your liking for what just might be our favorite at-home activity.

Restore & Reset

We’ve tested out our fair share of skincare concoctions over the years, and we’d be lying if we said we haven’t been dusting off some old favorites as of late. Set the scene with your favorite scents, dim the lights, and prepare for self care: from soothing facial masks to bath soaks you can make yourself, we know one thing for sure—it’s hard not to feel a boost of relaxation with these home spa practices in place.