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4 Top Designers on the Home Décor They Can’t Live Without

Interior designers are a rare breed: they’ve got an acute sense of personal style coupled with a keen ability to mold that to the aesthetic preferences of their clients. And when you find one you can trust, they can quite literally make your dreams come true. These four designers are our personal dream-makers, and we polled them to find out which Jenni Kayne home pieces they’re reaching for first when designing for clients (or for themselves).
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“My favorite item to decorate a client’s home? Besides everything on this website?! Give me that Sierra dinnerware any day of the week. Those on open shelving or in a glass cabinet would be stunning.” -Leanne Ford

The Sierra serveware collection is a line of hardworking ceramics that can be endlessly mixed and matched with existing tabletop pieces. And in a palette of earthy, soft neutrals, they let the food come in to the focus.

“I love the nesting baskets—I have 2 boys so anything to throw toys in and still look chic is a plus for me. I also use them at the front of the house to fill with shoes and by the couch for extra throw blankets. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your house looking cool and organized – you cannot have too many!” -Nina Fruedenberger

But wait, there’s more: Mel Burstin suggests the baskets “to hide your dog’s toys, your baby’s toys or even just clean hand towels in your powder room.”

Not only are there endless uses for these baskets, but they’re handwoven in Ghana by a co-op of local women, which gives this smart, stylish organization tool a totally one-of-a-kind artisanal feel.
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Nesting Basket

“We love layering in these cozy alpaca pillows on an upholstered slipcovered sofa or a master bed. They’re the perfect neutral, with an understated sophistication that seamlessly complements so many of our interior projects. We’re big fans of this classic staple!” -Mindy Gayer

There’s nothing more luxurious than a long, languid rest, and the alpaca pillows are the perfect chill-out companion. We challenge you to find a corner of the house these don’t look perfect in. Soft neutrals and sophistication are key to a versatile piece you’ll love for years to come.
Photos by Nicki Sebastian