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How We Dress at Jenni Kayne

They say long-term couples tend to look and dress alike, and the same can be said for our colleagues. Although we each have our own distinctions, there is a common theme to dressing for the Jenni Kayne office—our outfits are as professional as they are comfortable. We polled four of our own to share how they’ve built their office uniforms and why a reliable wardrobe makes every day feel like Friday.

Julia Hunter, President
The Uniform: A cozy sweater, a silky slip, shearling mules.
Rip & Tan: How would your friends describe your personal style?
Julia Hunter: My friends know that I wear almost only Jenni Kayne and that I really like to be comfortable, so I think they would describe my style as being very cozy and quality-focused, most of the time.
Rip & Tan: How has your style changed since working at Jenni Kayne?
Julia Hunter: Before Jenni Kayne, I was more interested in trends and tended to have pieces in my closet that I only wore for a season and ended up not liking after that.  Jenni’s personal style is so inspiring for all of us because she really understands what silhouettes and materials work together to make every outfit feel comfortable as well as polished and special, so it’s gotten much easier for me to know what pieces to invest in that I’ll want to wear all the time. I’m much more excited about basics now, because I can see how they don’t actually look basic when they’re styled the right way.
Rip & Tan: How does your style change from the weekday to the weekend?
Julia Hunter: The biggest change is that on the weekends, I’m almost exclusively focused on comfort, whereas during the week I try to look more put together. On the weekends, my uniform shifts to the more casual parts of my wardrobe, I’m more inclined toward sandals, sneakers and t-shirts, things that are looser-fitting and easy to wear from lunch to reading in the backyard.
Rip & Tan:  What does a uniform mean to you?
Julia Hunter: A uniform is all about making life easier and less complicated, while empowering you to feel confident and excited about what you’re wearing and how you look every day. Personally, I actually find more confidence in the routine of a uniform because I don’t have to try to figure out how to build a new outfit every day that does everything I want it to–one that feels flattering, comfortable and appropriate for where I’m going. A uniform takes out all the work and stress and still gives you the result you want.
Brooke Foley, Director of Home Product
The Uniform: A lightweight sweater, easy jeans, a structured handbag, summery suede boots.
Rip & Tan: How would your friends describe your personal style?
Brooke Foley: Clean, unfussy, bordering on preppy.
Rip & Tan: How has your style changed since working at Jenni Kayne?
Brooke Foley: There is an allure to the natural, understated aesthetic of the brand. I think it might be impossible to work with Jenni and not have your style influenced by her! Since working at Jenni Kayne, my style has become more relaxed and consistent. I no longer feel the need to try out a new trend or bold color if it does not suit me. Instead, stick to more classic, neutral pieces that require less effort to put together, but ultimately make me feel more polished. 
Rip & Tan: How does your style change from the weekday to the weekend?
Brooke Foley: I have a toddler, so I am constantly running around getting down on the floor. During the week, this usually calls for jeans or high-waisted pants and a cropped sweater—something I can move in but still look put together enough for a video conference or a stop in to one of our factories. With Summer approaching, weekends are for being at the beach as often as possible. I will usually throw on one of the brand’s relaxed dresses as a cover up that can double as my go to for a coveted date night.
Rip & Tan: What does a uniform mean to you?
Brooke Foley: To me, a uniform means having a refined look without struggling each day to come up with it. Being a working mom means no time for standing in front of my closet wondering what to wear (how did I used to have so much time?) and having a uniform gives my style an underlying thread that ties each piece together. 
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Charlotte McGill, Merchandising Manager
The Uniform: Breezy silky pants, a lightweight turtleneck, printed mules, a transitional black clutch.
Rip & Tan: How would your friends describe your personal style?
Charlotte McGill: Minimal, casual, and understated. I always add small pops of personality, either in a fun sneaker or shoe, and I always have a red accessory and a manicure.
Rip & Tan: has your style changed since working at Jenni Kayne?
Charlotte McGill: Since I’ve worked in fashion I’ve been exposed to a lot of trends, and there can be a certain pressure to represent them day to day. Even so, I’ve dressed the same for as long as I can remember: neutral, muted or tonal colors, a lot of sweaters and jeans. Although my overall style hasn’t really changed since working at Jenni Kayne, it has definitely allowed me to be more confident in embracing the uniform side of my style. Being fashionable and having style are like apples and oranges—style is very individual and personal, while fashion feels more like something communal.
Rip & Tan: How does your style change from the weekday to the weekend?
Charlotte McGill: My style is largely decided by the time of day and the activity. If I am going out at night or I need to look more polished, I usually wear darker colors and focus on the fit or fabric. That being said, you can usually find me in a pair of jeans and T-shirt.
Rip & Tan: What does a uniform mean to you?
Charlotte McGill: Your uniform is whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. Having a uniform isn’t a fixed concept, and it doesn’t have to be explicitly utilitarian. There is always room to change and play around with it. I definitely go through phases of wearing a certain type of outfit—for me it’s a reflection of how I’m feeling.
Ashley Kalvin, Director of Ecommerce
The Uniform: A lightweight cardigan, just-right jeans, neutral mules, simple gold huggies.
Rip & Tan: How would your friends describe your personal style?
Ashley Kalvin: Casual, comfortable, but still put-together.
Rip & Tan: How has your style changed since working at Jenni Kayne?
Ashley Kalvin: Before working at Jenni Kayne, only a very small part of my closet was reserved for basic pieces that work with everything. Eventually, I realized that chasing trends is not for me—I used to buy lots of pieces and wear them a couple times before donating them which is such a waste of money and energy. As I get older and value my time a bit more, I’ve learned to choose quality over quantity, but that doesn’t mean my outfits are boring. Using accessories to create a sense of individuality is important to me—I’ll add gold hoops and leopard print slides to an outfit and be ready in two minutes. I’ve learned to cut spending on things I don’t wear more than once or twice, and instead invest in the pieces I actually want to wear every day.
Rip & Tan: How does your style change from the weekday to the weekend?
Ashley Kalvin: Even though our office environment is pretty casual—a typical day is a sweater coat or cardigan, high waisted jeans, and boots or slides—the moment I get home from work, I put on comfy pants and a sweatshirt. I’m such a homebody and love spending time at home. My husband and I joke that he never sees me in anything but yoga pants because he often works late and by that time, I’m on the couch watching HGTV. On the weekends, I still want to feel good and put together, so I’ll throw on leather sandals and an easy dress that I can wear anywhere, from cleaning up around the house, going out to lunch, or spending time with family.
Rip & Tan: What does a uniform mean to you?
Ashley Kalvin: I love the concept of a uniform because it’s all about having a foundation of great pieces you can always reach for—it simplifies things. You learn to shift your mentality when shopping and you start to ask yourself, “Does this work for me?” “Where can I wear it?” “What else can I wear this with?” “Is it good quality?” Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping for a few seasonal pieces like a straw tote or floral print dress, but there’s a sense of ease to knowing that I’m not going to wake up and panic that I have nothing to wear.
Photos by Angi Welsch