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DIY To-Go Boxes with Amy Blessing

DIY To-Go Boxes with Amy Blessing

For our Thanksgiving warm-up, which I featured earlier this week, along with the festive menus and place cards, the wonderful Amy Blessing also put together the most adorable favor. The thoughtful giveaway: to-go boxes filled with the perfect components for an elevated turkey sandwich to be enjoyed the next day. I simply loved this idea – with all of the leftovers that come with Thanksgiving, it’s a great way to use them in a new way. After all, who wants to eat all the same things over again when you overate them the night before?

To fill the box, Amy began with Annie Campbell’s delicious Gingered Orange Cranberry Sauce, making several batches and then putting it into sweet little jars. On top, she secured a piece of linen that she had labeled with a turkey silhouette using an iron-on technique. Other components: a great cheese from Joan’s On Third, sourdough rolls from Whole Foods, and a beautiful apple.

She placed all of the delicious elements in Kraft gift boxes, lining the bottom of the box with wood chips. To finish them off, she artfully wrapped each with black twine, placed a “wishbone” underneath the twine, and secured it all with a label featuring the turkey silhouette. XXJKE

DIY To-Go Boxes with Amy Blessing 0
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