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DIY: Lavender Smudge Bundles

While in Tahoe this summer, one of my favorite things to do for a little time to myself was collect wildflowers and herbs (particularly lavender). And with all of my foraged goodies, I got into the practice of creating smudge bundles for our home – ones that smelled as beautiful as they looked.

The process for making your own is really so easy, and the materials required very few (an assortment of flowers and herbs, herbs snips, and natural twine). After gathering some of your favorites, simply create an individual bundle and tie it firmly around the base (about five times) and work up toward the top. Once you have reached the top of your bundle (or as high as you would like to go), knot the twine. From there, you can stop and trim your string or continue wrapping back down to the bottom in a crisscross pattern for a tighter wrap. The result: a beautiful and fragrant piece perfect for smudging, place settings, gift toppers or natural, handmade decor.

One last note to keep in mind: bundles can be made with either dried or fresh flowers and herbs. If made with fresh components, and you plan to use your bundle for smudging, be sure to hang or set it aside in a space with good air circulation, so that it can dry and burn properly. XXJKE

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Photos: Yayo Ahumada