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Conscious Shopping with Los Angeles Menswear Label, Apolis

One of the items in our Summer Gift Box is a beautiful striped bandana that was made exclusively for us by Apolis in Los Angeles. I’ve always liked Apolis, not only because their menswear is easy, effortless, and modern in way that inspires me, but also because they’re a company that supports good causes. That’s why we had to include them in our New Americana-themed curation.

“In 2004, my brother Shea and I founded Apolis with a simple idea that business can create social change” Raan Parton, partner and creative director of Apolis, told us. “Our travels abroad immersed us in personal stories of struggle and survival and inspired us to create a business model that bridges commerce and economic development. Along with our commitment to global advocacy, we also understand the importance of sourcing and manufacturing locally. Whether it means partnering with manufacturers in Uganda, Peru, Bangladesh, or around the corner in Los Angeles, Shea and I have used the model of “advocacy through industry” to harness the power of business to create social change.”

Supporting small business is something we focus on at Jenni Kayne as well. Not only is there a wealth of talent and special brands here in California, but shopping locally makes it easier to discern how things are made and where they’re from. When we asked Raan what he thinks is at the root of responsible shopping he said, “I think it’s focusing on what you need as a consumer. There is a lot of waste in fashion that is driven by trends and planned obsolescence. At Apolis, we wanted to create a collection of objects that endure and evolve slowly. We aren’t a brand that’s advocating for a new wardrobe every six months. Closets should be sustainable too.”

I couldn’t agree more. That the hand-printed linen bandana Apolis made for us could easily last for generations, and will only get better-looking over time, is a testament to that philosophy. Whether you pick up our summer box or stop into Apolis to buy something for a guy in your life, I think you’ll find these are the kind of purchases you can feel good about now and ten years down the road. XXJKE

Photos: Apolis