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Annie Campbell's Communal Tabletop

The new Jenni Kayne Tabletop Collection was built to fit in seamlessly to occasions of all kinds. Annie Campbell’s intimate dinner party was the perfect event to show off the versatility of our latest collection, proving that entertaining doesn’t always need to be an exhaustively planned affair—all you need are a few friends, a few bites, and a simple and sophisticated set of tableware. Annie confessed that she is “powerless to the charms of an amazing cheese plate any time of year,” and we’d have to agree—the selection of aged manchego and gouda, la tur, d’affinois double cream and a jasper hill Willoughby sat perfectly on our oatmeal glazed ceramic serving platter alongside dried fruits (Annie recommends looking for a pretty stem), nuts, and rosemary flatbreads and crisps. Cheeseboards and charcuterie plates are perfect for a communal celebration or an impromptu intimate gathering, and the table scene was inviting and abundant, with eye-catching platters that were so beautifully arranged they doubled as centerpieces. Annie added an idiosyncratic touch by using olive branches in lieu of flowers and repurposing our oatmeal ceramic cup to hold breadsticks and crackers. She collected the extra branches in our leather-wrapped vase for the perfect  to round out the table. Our natural linen tablecloth and napkins served as the perfect neutral backdrop so the yellows of the citrus and the greens of the branches and fruits could take center stage, and Rose gold Canvas cutlery added a delicate touch to the otherwise abundant table scene. True to form, an evening with Annie was joyful, simple, creative and, of course, memorable. XXJKE

Photos: Nicki Sebastian