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An Ikebana-Inspired Arrangement by Peartree Flowers

When we visited Brooklyn florist Liza Lubell of Peartree Flowers in her beautiful studio, we couldn’t let her get away without making a floral arrangement for us. While Liza’s arrangements tend to feel lush, utilizing loads of flowers and material, she wanted to try something a bit new for Rip & Tan readers. I love the minimalist feel of this arrangement, which really creates an opportunity to appreciate every element used within. The ranunculus in particular were beautiful in this context. We normally tend to see them bundled together, but I love the idea of putting one or two stems on display.

“This arrangement is easy to make with a small amount of material,” Liza told us, “making it fun for flower novices and experts alike”.  Liza was inspired by Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement that focuses on shape, line, and form. She recommends using a shallow bowl with a flower frog in it “to help place the stems where you want them to go”.  I love this vessel as a way to bring an arrangement down to earth, and allow it to spread out a bit too. Liza used ranunculus, fern leaf, echinacea pod, smokebush, geranium leaf, and heuchera leaf here. That said, feel free to experiment with interesting shapes and blooms that catch your eye. Just remember to keep it simple! XXJKE