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An Earthy Take on Black and White Home Décor

When it comes to interior design and home décor I tend to gravitate towards warm, natural materials and soft earthy colors. This summer however, in both the Jenni Kayne Collection and our curated home assortment, I was drawn towards black as a grounding neutral color. Black tends to be associated with edgy, urbane aesthetics but it doesn’t always have to evoke that mood. Paired with warm neutrals instead of stark white, or rendered in a rustic pattern like gingham, black takes on a much warmer, homier feel while still retaining its signature power.

Michele Quan’s handmade ceramic objects epitomize this blend of strength and softness. Hand-painted with black motifs, the artist’s ceramic bells and serving bowls are at once arresting and earthy. As a result, they work in practically any room or home, from a rustic cottage to a sleek city studio. 

I’m also loving black patterns in home textiles like our collection of vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs, which are woven with a soft black diamond motif on a neutral base. Hedgehouse’s black gingham throwbed (which looks great on a canvas camp cot or even on the floor) and Heather Taylor Home’s black gingham cotton napkins are also a way to do black with warmth in the home. Both accents add some graphic appeal to a room while still feeling very humble because of their soft, rumbled texture. XXJKE

Photos: David Kitz

Styling: Kate Brien