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A Fresh and Vibrant Easter Afternoon Picnic

I realize that Easter is meant to be fun for the kids, but each year I have a great time gathering creative inspiration and putting on themed events. With the flowers in bloom—especially the jacaranda!—and the sun shining, it’s the ideal time to hold a picnic outside that celebrates this time of renewal. When I think of Easter, yellow always comes to mind. That happy color ended up being a theme for our fresh spring picnic this year. 

For a refreshment, we prepared my favorite Herb-Infused Lemonade, adding simple syrup to make sure it was perfectly tangy and sweet. In addition, I put together a bright, simple salad using a recipe from The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook, one of my go-tos. And it wouldn’t be Easter without a bit of a sugar rush. That came in the form of a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting that we decorated with yellow Blue Palo Verde flowers we picked from the garden. Stay tuned for egg dyeing and flower crown DIYs from our festive day! XXJKE


Photos: Sarah Elliott