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A Day to Remember: Crafting with Martha Stewart

There are few people I consider true idols. A definite one, however, is Martha Stewart, my longtime lifestyle icon for her endless creativity, DIY know-how, entrepreneurial prowess and eye for everything related to the home and entertaining. I’ve watched her and studied from afar, learning so much over the years.

I was understandably thrilled to be featured in the 25th anniversary issue of her magazine, Martha Stewart Living. And I was even more over the moon about spending an afternoon crafting alongside her when she came to my West Hollywood boutique to celebrate the milestone. Before we celebrated her with an intimate cocktail party, she and I enjoyed time together making beautiful floral fire starters—a DIY-er’s dream come true.

To create the pretty, functional fire starters, Martha and I began with bay leaves, wax flowers, eucalyptus, chamomile and twine, along with other fragrant natural materials. Similar to making smudge bundles, we first gathered some of each element into a long bunch and then wrapped it tightly with twine. So it burns properly, we left a bit of twine on one end to light on fire. I hope Martha inspires you as she continues to inspire me. Happy crafting! XXJKE 

Photos: Brittany Wood