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3 Non-Toxic Deodorants That Work

Whether using non-toxic deodorant is part of your beauty routine already, or you’re considering making the switch for the first time, I wanted to share these three natural options with you. I’ve been using aluminum-free deodorant for years and these effective formulas are proof that the clean options on the market only continue to improve. With so many potential risks involved in using conventional deodorant—from breast cancer and Alzheimers to liver disease—and the bevy of reliable products out there that avoid harmful ingredients like aluminum and parabens, I hope we reach a point where most, if not all, women use a safer deodorant. Learn a little bit more about these three buys below, and be sure to check out our previous posts for more product recommendations and a great recipe for making non-toxic deodorant at home. XXJKE


Agent Nateur No 3 Deodorant —Made with non-GMO, pesticide-free food-grade ingredients, this natural deodorant relies on a mix of natural oils and butters to keep sweat at bay. We especially love the heavenly honey, lavender and eucalyptus scent it leaves behind.

The Takesumi Detox Cold-Pressed Rose Deodorant — This Japanese formula uses activated bamboo charcoal to fight odor-causing bacteria and draw out toxins, along with rose essential oil for a subtle natural fragrance.

Captain Blankenship Lim & Vetiver Cream Deodorant — We love the bright, citrus scent of this organic deodorant cream. The formula uses arrowroot powder to keep you dry, aluminum-free baking soda to neutralize odor, and organic hops extract to fight against bacteria. 

Photo: Esther Lee