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3 DIY Facial Masks that Soothe Winter Skin

Yesterday we shared some tips from San Francisco-based facialist Kristina Holey and told you about her new, inflammation-fighting serums, created with Marie Veronique. Because Kristina relies on natural, gentle ingredients in her practice, she also has a wealth of information when it comes to skincare treatments you can DIY using ingredients in your own kitchen. For dry, irritated winter skin she recommends trying out a facial mask made with goat milk yogurt.

Goat milk yogurt is rich in fatty acids, which help hydrate the skin and reduce inflammation, minerals like calcium and selenium, which repair and rebalance your complexion, and lactic acid, which gently exfoliates. It does all this while being incredibly gentle at the same time. Kristina recommends mixing the goat milk yogurt with different ingredients depending on your specific skincare needs.

For exfoliation she recommends adding a squeeze of lemon, for acne-prone skin you can add equal parts nutritional yeast, and for dull skin, a scoop of Matcha tea will have brightening effects. Apply the mask with your fingers, massaging into the skin while it begins to firm, and then leave the treatment on until it’s mostly dry. Combined with a nice long bath, these facial masks are the perfect winter nighttime ritual. I hope you have the opportunity to try one of them! XXJKE

Photos: Jen Kay