About the Program

How Do I Join?

Become a member in two easy ways: visit us in-store or join online by creating an account. If you join in-store and want to view your points balance and rewards activity, please create an online account, then visit the My Rewards tab in your account dashboard.

Earning Points

How Do I Earn Points?

You will receive 100 points for joining. Members will receive 1 point for every dollar spent, excluding taxes and shipping costs. Points from shopping will be held in a pending status for 21 days after purchase to account for returns.

When Do My Points Expire?

Your points expire 365 days after the date you earned them. Some of your points will expire earlier than others because they were earned at an earlier date. But each point earned will be in your account for 365 days. We will send you an email notification when you have points with an upcoming expiration date.

Redeeming Rewards

How Do I Redeem a Reward?

Each time you earn 1000 points, you will automatically receive a Rewards gift card to use on your next purchase. The gift card amount is dependent on the tier you are in. Blush tier users will receive a $50 Reward for every 1000 points earned. Black and VIP tier users will receive a $100 Reward for every 1000 points earned. Rewards gift cards will automatically be emailed to the user and can be used on purchases in-store or online. Please note, all Rewards gift cards will expire after 90 days.

Tiers and Benefits

What are the Membership Tiers?

The membership tiers (Blush, Black, VIP) are based on the number of points you've earned in a given year. Once you have reached a tier, you will maintain that tier for 365 days. You can start enjoying tier benefits immediately after a tier is reached. To keep your status, you need to maintain that tier’s minimum points into the next year.

What Should I Know About the Benefits?

Free Shipping & Free Returns:As a member, free ground shipping will automatically apply to your order at checkout. Members can send returns back for free with a prepaid FedEx return label provided by customer service. Please note, this does not apply to furniture or rug purchases.Gift for Reaching Tier:For joining the Rewards program, you will be gifted 100 points and an exclusive gift. Blush tier users will receive a $50 Reward for every 1000 points earned. Black and VIP tier users will receive a $100 Reward for every 1000 points earned. VIP tier members will have additional exclusive perks and benefits.Earn Double Points:Members will have a chance to earn double points on specific dates. Members will be notified by email when double points can be earned for purchases.Annual Birthday Offer:Members of the Blush tier will receive 15% off for their birthday, while the Black and VIP tiers will receive 20% off. We will send you an email around your birthday with a special promo code to redeem your offer online or in-store. The code will expire at the end of your birthday month.