Kathryn Smith

Schindler House
$ 29.95

Lauded as a 20th-century masterpiece of modernist architecture, Schindler House in West Hollywood, California was designed and built by Viennese emigrant Rudolph M. Schindler in 1921-22. Intended as a communal dwelling for the architect and his wife, the Schindler House was the first executed realization of a new kind of residential architecture for the modern world that broke traditional spatial relationships within a home. The first monograph of the residence, Smith documents the design and construction of the house with archival photographs and delves into the critical response of the house through its 80-year history. 

Schindler's idea of starting over with a completely fresh slate that permeated through his work and lifestyle was a source of inspiration for our Spring 2017 collection. Jenni Kayne was drawn to the open spatial design of the home and surrounding garden and was used as the setting for this season's look book. 

  • Published by Hennessey & Ingalls
  • Paperback, 88 pages
  • 10" x 7.5" 
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