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Esker Firming Oil $40.00
Firming Oil
Firming Oil
  1. Firming Oil
  2. Firming Oil


Firming Oil

$40.00 Final Sale

Esker's Firming Oil is a carefully selected blend of plant-based essential oils for the body supported by a rich, quick-absorbing oil base. This formula was designed to help reduce the look of cellulite and is ideal for over the body, particularly areas that could benefit from a lifting boost. Juniper berry hydrates for a firmer, tauter appearance and macadamia nut oil, rosehip seed and baobab oil make skin feel soft and supple. Active ingredients: Juniper (tones, reduces water retention, promotes regeneration), Palmarosa (softens damaged and dry skin, reduces appearance of wrinkles), Lavender (contains soothing properties, promotes calm and balance), Rose Geranium (alleviates damaged skin, eliminates fluid retention), Grapefruit (reduces appearance of cellulite, eases puffiness, boosts mood and energy). 2 ounces.