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Esker Clarifying Oil $40.00
Clarifying Oil
Clarifying Oil
  1. Clarifying Oil
  2. Clarifying Oil


Clarifying Oil

$40.00 Final Sale

Esker's Clarifying Oil helps repair the effects of wear and tear on the body, with a blend of essential oils and carrier oils that can be used all over, particularly on areas that are suffering from dullness, varicose veins or discoloration. Cypress evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of blemishes for a healthy glow. Squalane, avocado and evening primrose oil soothe and nourish. Active ingredients: Cypress (stimulates skin, promotes circulation), Rose Geranium (alleviates damaged skin, eases fluid retention), Jasmine (soothes skin, boosts mood, brings about balance). 2 ounces.