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Image of words overlaid a dusty pink background reading Black Lives Matter

We Have Work to Do

It’s our collective duty to redefine the recurring narrative of injustice within our nation by challenging the system it has created. We stand with the Black community, and pledge to make lasting change—starting from within. Here are the steps we’re taking as a company:
We are implementing training that educates employees on systemic and individual racism in America, knowing that meaningful change comes from a place of knowledge. We are also hiring external advisors to guide all anti-racist efforts and initiatives as we deepen our own education.

We are broadening our ambassador program to include more Black women and other women of color.

We are committed to creating a corporate culture that is more inclusive and diverse.

We are focused on telling more stories that amplify and support the voices of Black women.

We are devoted to casting models that better represent the many diverse faces of Jenni Kayne women.
Graphic of interlacing hands

Our Current Team

We know that real change begins here: with our team. We’re taking a serious look at the responsibility we have to foster diversity of all kinds through our hiring practices, and we’re holding ourselves accountable by sharing our current breakdown with you.

*These percentages are as-of August 2020 & will be updated as the team evolves.