Restorative Oil
$ 40.00

Esker's Restorative Oil is a multifunctional body care powerhouse. Created specifically to balance and moisturize the skin all over the body, this blend of powerful essential oils are complemented by a nutritive base that leaves skin glowing—not greasy. Pure antioxidant rich carrot seed nourishes and reduces the appearance of aging—promoting smooth, vibrant skin. Squalane, evening primrose and jojoba make skin feel radiant and nurtured.

  • Active ingredientsCarrot Seed (nourishes and soothes, reduces the appearance of aging), Frankincense (reduces stress and tension, boosts mood), Bergamot (balances skin, promotes peaceful relaxation), Rosemary (improves circulation, soothes dry skin), Ylang Ylang (soothes irritated skin, refines appearance of wrinkles, promotes smooth skin)
  • Balsamic, woody and herbal aroma with hints of smoke and florals
  • 2 ounces

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